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About a month ago, I was lucky enough to explore the untouched little paradise called SIARGAO. Siargao is the surfing capital of the Philippines, this is one of the reasons why locals and foreigners come here especially during the months of August -October.
On Siargao sands.
Photo Copyright Khem
Because of its huge waves, this island is a perfect venue for surfers from all over the world. This island is becoming more popular not only because of its surfing scene but also because of its natural beauty.

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So the question I get asked the most, “Is Siargao for non-surfer also?” Absolutely!!! 100%! There are a lot of amazing things to do here. As a traveler who knows nothing about surfing, I can guarantee that you’ll love it here. I was completely blown away by its charm and beauty and I can’t wait to go back. If you want to disconnect from the noise, experience a chilled out island vibe, enjoy amazing beaches, explore natural wonders and spectacular views, then you need to visit this tropical paradise ASAP!
Sunset in Siargao
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There are 2 ways to get here. You can hop on a plane or take the ferry. In my case, which I believe is the quickest and easiest way, I flew directly from Mactan-Cebu International Airport to Sayak Airport (Siargao).From the port, we drove about 2 hours to General Luna. General Luna is one of the municipalities of Surigao Del Norte and this is where INNS, hotels, surfing spots, resorts, food, convenient stores, establishments, and souvenir shops are mostly located. Organizing a trip is not my forte (LOL) and it was my first in Siargao so I had to make sure everything is well planned out. I highly recommend you use “Smoofly” in searching for your bookings and accommodations.


If you’re fine sharing rooms (this is very common in Siargao) with other backpackers and travelers, it would cost around P250-500. This is the best option if you’re on a budget. If you ask me, KERMIT is the place to be. If you want some privacy, you can rent a room (fan room or rooms with AC) for yourself which ranges from P500 up to a thousand. If you want the fancy ones, it could cost around P2000 or more. TIP: Especially that Siargao is now the country’s tourists top destination, getting a room could be a problem as they’re getting booked up quickly, you have to secure a place 2 months before your trip.


I was surprised with the amount of food establishments despite how small the island is. Below were some of my personal favorites. MAMA’s Grill – by far, my favorite place to eat! If you’re craving for authentic BBQ-style dinner, then Mama’s Grill is for you. They’re open every day except Wednesday. No wonder they’re always packed. Trust me, the wait is worth it. Shaka Bowls – if you’re in Siargao, this is a must-try. They serve a variety of healthy smoothie bowls all day long. My personal fave was SUPERBOWL. These colorful bowls are very instagrammable too. Wheelys Café: a bit on the pricey side but this small vegan café offers lots of healthy food options. Their coffee was my favorite so far, I forgot what the name was but it tastes really good. KERMIT – pizzas here are simply the best. You should try! If you don’t want to spend so much on food, there are a lot of eatery and food stalls in Siargao.


The best way to explore the island is by renting a scooter but if you don’t know how to drive, you can hire a tricycle or “habal-habal”. On our first day, we explored the whole island and it only took us about 4 hours. You will surely be awed by the sheer beauty of the island. Siargao is surrounded by coconut trees and rice fields- they are everywhere! You can’t help yourself to take pictures simply because the view is just so beautiful. Locals are very welcoming especially the kids, if they see you on the street, they would wave their hands with a beautiful smile plastered on their faces just to say hello to you. It was truly a memorable experience. TIP: Unlike any other islands I’ve been to, renting a bike here is quite expensive but if you’re really good at negotiating, you could get them for as low as P250 and that’s a whole day use already.


This is definitely an activity you don’t want to miss. On our second day, we explored 3 different Islands – Naked Island, Daku Island and Guyam Island. We were so amazed by the pristine blue water and powdery white sand, they are truly picture perfect, very instagrammable if you will. Each of the islands give you a unique experience yet equally beautiful.

Naked Island.
Photo Copyright Khem
Daku Island.
Photo Copyright Khem
Guyam Island.
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Our Siargao trip would not be complete without visiting this iconic place. This is where you find most of the surfers, beginners and pro. This is a best place to learn surfing and it is the most visited spot in Siargao. Surfing enthusiasts from all corners of the world gather here from dusk til dawn. I don’t know about you but I love catching sunrise and sunset, this a great venue to do that.

Cloud 9 Boardwalk.
Photo Copyright Khem


Siargao’s best so far! Hands down. I’ve never seen anything quite like this one in my entire life. As the tide goes down, the ocean slowly reveals a natural pool surrounded with limestone formations. The pool is big enough and can accommodate 30-50 tourists. There are smaller pools just few meters away. What’s really cool about this place is there’s a huge rock, I’d say about 10 feet tall– where you can dive from. TIP: Check the calendar, make sure you come here during low tide. For the most part, this place is packed. Also, prepare P50 for the entrance fee.

Magpupungko Rock Pools.
Photos Copyright Khem


One of the most beautiful beaches I’ve been to. If you want to avoid the crowd, walk the long sandy stretch, and just chill out, then this is for you. I mean I could stay here all day! There’s no entrance fee. How cool is that?

Pacifico Beach
Photo Copyright Khem


Siargao has it all. This is the only waterfall here in Siargao. It is located at the northern part of Siargao. If you want to cool down after exploring the island, there (this is) where you want to be.

Taktak Falls.
Photo Copyright Khem


Because of our limited time, it’s shame we didn’t get to explore Sohoton Cave and Sugba Lagoon. Well, another reason for me to come back. Our Siargao trip was one for the books. This beautiful island is truly a paradise. It was a different kind of experience, an experience I will never forget and forever cherish. Let this blog be a virtual invitation to all of you. Siargao is waiting! SAFE TRAVELS!


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