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Warm temperatures, the shining sun, shopping, delicious cuisine, and friendly locals are what continuously takes me back to Nassau in the Bahamas. From the first time I stepped foot on this island, I knew that it was the paradise that I have always been looking for!

Islands of Bahamas

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During my first trip to Nassau, I decided to take a ride in a taxi for a guided tour. Our driver took us down Bay Street and then we saw some of the nicer areas including Parliament Square, Government House, and the Christ Church Cathedral.

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However, after that, things got real as we delved into the outer parts of Nassau, where homes are run-down and dilapidated. I was amazed at how some parts of what I felt was paradise could be in such rough shape.

Once we returned to Bay Street, I walked in and out of the numerous stores that lined the street. The jewelry stores always fascinate me, but I do not buy anything in them like many of the other tourists do. I can’t blame them for wanting to buy their jewels there, as the prices are lower than anywhere else in the world, but I don’t desire to own that much jewelry. I did however, make a few purchases at Cariloha, which sells clothing and other items made from bamboo, and Del Sol, which has clothing, bags, nail polish, and more, that all change colors when out in the sun.

The Street.

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After my shopping was completed, I took a little boat over to Balmoral Island to go swimming with the dolphins. I had been wanting to do that for quite some time, and since I was in the Bahamas, where the water is always warm, I thought that there was no better time than the present.

As I was waiting my turn, I sat on one of the lounge chairs on the beach as I stared out onto the water. This beach is shared with the Sandals Resort, and I am thinking that I will need to arrange a reservation there someday soon. I definitely thought that I could sit on that beach all day long for weeks on end, but soon enough, it was time for me to go meet my dolphin.

Lovely Dolphin!

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I got to spend time with Cortez, who was only a baby at the time, and learning the ropes just like myself. It was not uncommon for him to take off in the middle of our lesson to go jump out of the water in the distance and rush right back. While I could have been disappointed with him not being nearby the entire time, I couldn’t resist his toddler personality!



After my time in the water, it was time for me to climb back on board the boat to ride back over to Nassau. I went directly to my room at Atlantis and freshened up a little before venturing down to enjoy a delicious meal at The Point as I watched the sunset over the water. I started my meal with the conch sampler, which includes a bowl of conch chowder, a salad, two fritters, and a piece of johnny cake. That should have been enough for a full meal, but I couldn’t resist ordering the grilled chicken breast sandwich followed by the monster chocolate cup cake for dessert.

A Piece of Art.

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I wasn’t sure what I was going to do when I woke up the following morning, and I was trying to decide if I should start my day in the casino or at the beach, when I discovered that Prince Harry was going to be in Nassau that very afternoon. That little tidbit instantly captured my attention, and I decided that I was skipping the beach in favor of the casino, so that I would not be a hot mess when I walked over to Parliament Square to listen to him speak.

Prince Harry.

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My luck seemed to stay with me that morning, as I won quite a bit on the slot machines, and after tucking that money away, I got ready to claim my spot in the square. I had great views of the Prince, from the time of his arrival, until the second he left the docks on his boat.

He was there to celebrate the Queen’s Jubilee, and while he talked for some time, I can’t quite remember exactly what he said. I think I was too impressed by the fact that I was so close to a member of the Royal Family.

Once I watched Prince Harry leave the marina, I ventured over to the Straw Market to see what they had available. I hadn’t gone in during my shopping expedition the day before, because I had to leave for Balmoral. While I was impressed with how many vendors were inside the market, I was not overly enthused with how they all try to get you to purchase everything that they have. The pressure was too intense for me, so I left quickly without buying anything. That is quite unusual for me, as I am always picking up little souvenirs from my travels.

Parliament Sqaure.

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Thankfully, there was a little store down Bay Street, near Parliament Square, where I was able to grab a few souvenirs, as well as a rum cake for my grandma.

My time in Nassau was coming to a close, as I was only able to visit for a couple of days during that first trip. However, since then, I have been back numerous times. Although, I haven’t seen Prince Harry there again….




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