Here are some common questions about Smoofly.


Is Smoofly a booking application?

No, and yes (sort of).

No, because Smoofly is mainly a metasearch engine. Yes, because both the Taxi and Private (private vehicles) sections allow you to book inside it directly. It means, it will not redirect you to a provider anymore, but can book directly without leaving Smoofly unlike the Flights, Hotels, and Tours section.

Nevertheless, we are not a booking application. All bookings are handled by our partners inside and outside Smoofly (check partners below).

What is a metasearch engine?

A metasearch engine (or aggregator) is a search application that uses another search engine’s data to produce its own results.

When a user types his/her variables (Place of Destination, Date, etc.) Smoofly will then simultaneously send out queries to all third-party search engines, for this instance, travel search engines; Smoofly will scan thousands of data (in a matter of seconds) and present them to you in an organized manner – cheapest to most expensive prices.

Is Smoofly free?

YES! It is free. And, it is free forever! 🙂

Why is it free? What's the catch?

It is free forever because we are loving people and we care about you and the whole world… LOL!

The truth is, the airlines, hotels, car providers, all of our partners share to us a little percentage referral fee of the product (ticket, package, tour deals, etc.) you will buy from them. So, that is it. However, the tools here at Smoofly are all free. From search feature to calendar, from maps to deals, all of it – FREE.

By the way, we do really care for you our fellow traveler. 😉
Moreover, just like you, we are loving people as well. 🙂 💗

What is the very purpose of Smoofly?

The sole purpose of Smoofly is to provide free tools for your travel needs. With that in mind, most important goal is to gather all travel information (thousands of data) in a matter of seconds and present them to you in an organized manner all best and cheap deals!

Also, one of our main goal is that Smoofly will be a one-stop portal for travelers. As of now, Smoofly offers metasearch for Flights, Hotels, Tours, Taxis, and Private Vehicles.

Who are your partners? How many?

A lot! 🙂

For Flights, almost all airlines you can think of (contact us if you really want all the names of our partnered airlines). For Hotels, all hotels, apartments, houses, both domestic and international. For Tours, we have a platform partner called Leezair. Leezair provides us with thousands of data for your activities and tour packages. For Taxis, we have partnered with Kiwi Taxi. And, for Private Vehicles, we have partnered with Intui. Both Kiwi and Intui have a large database for your car needs.

Difference between Taxis and the Private sections?

Both sections provide metasearch for your car needs. However, in the Taxis section, from the name itself, it will only provide results of cars registered as taxis. On the other hand, the Private section will provide more results because it will scan not just taxis but all types of vehicles (bus, van, sedan, minibus, etc.) The private section has more wide selections for your car needs.

Do you keep my data?

Since Smoofly is a metasearch engine and not a booking engine, then we DO NOT store your data. Somehow, our partners will. So, if you have concerns about how your data is stored, we suggest you read and check our partners’ Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. At Smoofly, we will only get your browser information, your ISP’s address, only those public data which we will store in a cookie. Again, we do not store any sensitive data like your name, address, emails, cards, etc. Please check our Privacy Policy and Term of Use as well.

What are Smoofly Tools?

Smoofly Tools are tools that can be used or offer vital information for your flight and hotel needs. As of now, our tools are only related to Flights and Hotels.

If you want to know which airlines are announcing promos and discounts, then you can check the Airline Promos section (click here).

Smoofly has a tool called Calendar (click here). What it does is that it will show you all the cheapest flight fares in a monthly or yearly format. So that you can plan ahead for your travel.

You can also use the Map (click here) tool if you want to search deals for a specific destination or area. You can also use it if you just want to explore some location you are planning to go.

The last tool is called Compensation Calculator (brought to you by Compensair) (click here). This tool will let you compute if you are eligible for a refund for your delayed, missed connection, or canceled flights, or even denied boarding in the last 6 years of your travel. But, this tool is in accordance with the legislation of the EU and Turkey only.

These are the tools we are currently offering, however, Smoofly will continue to improve our tools section in the future. So keep in touch! 🙂


Does Smoofly have an app version?

Yes! You can download the Android version here, and the iOS version here. 🙂